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It has been said, "every human being that comes your way is either a blessing or a lesson." I thank you're a blessing to me.

Doxology, time and reliability plus act of gorgeousness has forced my pen to write and congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you many happy and successful returns... Amen.

I hope this message will arouse your feeling with deep sense of exhilaration in order to be swimming in the wonderful pool of love and parabulating in the wellness of cool breeze of sophistication.

Life is worthy living,
There is no point in existing in life without living a good life.

There is no point in meeting someone that has no positive impact in your life.

Without gainsaying, your loving spirit galvanized and awake my slumber.

Though, it was like a mirage when we meet, but I discovered that the premised on piety of God spiritedness has divinely endorsed upon the meeting you.

With the little I know about you for now which I can emphatically explain anywhere, any moment,

You're a virtuous Lady.
Your price is far above the rubies, which are rare.

You're so humble and meek,

You're courageous and strong

You're a lady of class and elegance.

You're like a tree planted by the water side that yield its fruits in its time and tide, that never ceases to bloom the climes and flourishes even in the hardest times

You are a close companion that one is ought to have.

Mabel I don't even know what's wrong with me.
I just like you spontaneously
As I stand horizontally parallel to the wall
And vertically perpendicular to the ground.

You're accommodative and generous.

I only want to be seeing you around and feel your present around me just for that precious endowments.

Since you are a Fantastic and Fabulous lady put together as FANTABULOUS.

I love your smiling face and I urge you to keep it up
Because, nothing drives your enemies more insane than seeing you smiling and living a good life.

May God Bless your new age.
Happy Birthday to you my dear...💗🤝

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