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We'll take advantage of Arsenal's weakness, We are going to win - Gameiro

With what support do the week start? 

We are fine. We won in Huesca and that enables us to confront the match against Arsenal. We are going to play in our field and in spite of the fact that the 3-1 was not a decent outcome, having scored an away goal, we have the probability of going through to the final.

How does the 2-6 impact they accomplished in Huesca influence the game?

It feels great It was not a simple game to play. They played to secure points and we likewise had the commitment to win. We began it well. We scored two snappy goals and from that point it was simpler for us

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They (Arsenal)  realize they will be here. I recollect when I came with Sevilla. There we won 2-0, yet here we endure a great deal. The environment that day was fantastic. We got the chance to win 3-0. We were fortunate to score at last. I trust that Mestalla will resemble that day once more.

"I recall when I came with Sevilla to Mestalla in the Europa League, we languished much over nature" 

What do you need to do? 

Play, score goals and win this crucial game.

State that sounds simple.

Be that as it may, We need to set it up well. We need to rest, since we play a ton of Matches. Everybody needs to play, It's an Europa League semi final round and we have to fight with all our strength. 

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What's your plan: go for an early goals or play defensively?

You need to go solid, In the event that we score a fast goal, the better. In any case, there are an hour and a half left to win.

He said he knows the environment of Mestalla as an adversary, does that impact? 

It is never simple to play in an arena with a warm environment. For us it is a lot more straightforward. The help of the general population gives you uncommon support. I cherish this sort of recreations.

You had him (Unai Emery) coach in the three Europa League that won with Sevilla, how does Emery face this sort of matches?

I realize he will be prepared. Return to the one that was your home and you will need to achieve the last. We need to take a gander and if we convert our chances well, we will win.

Did Marcelino disclose to you something about Emery?

No, in light of the fact that it's a different team with different pattern. The Gunners play well, yet additionally experience issues. We saw it in the first leg. We lost there, yet we had three or four opportunities to score. We will have shots, beyond any doubt.

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Do you believe you will need to score three goals? 

For what reason do we need to do three? With two goals we are good to go (smiles).

We will have shots, Arsenal team is a team that plays football and leaves spaces. We will get our opportunities. We need to play this game to achieve the last and not leave anything. In the event that they win is on the grounds that they will be more grounded, they can not win us for another reason.

The two teams battle to enter the Champions League.

It is one more inspiration for them, they should win this container to achieve Champions League spot. In the event that we complete fourth and achieve the last and win it, I am upbeat. Try not to falter and begin this amusement unequivocally.

Is this tie like a play for you in Europe?

 No, in light of the fact that it is the first time I'll be playing in a semi final round in the wake of losing the first leg. Be that as it may, everybody needs to play this big match  since it is an elimination round and you don't have the foggiest idea on the off chance that it will return. Everybody needs to play it with a great deal of power.

"Arsenal is a group that plays well, yet in addition experiences challenges" 

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Marcelino said that he had needed involvement in this sort of matches. You have a great deal of involvement. How to balance or expect this absence of experience? 

We have a youthful team with generally amazing players, yet youthful. If we play more games like this we will have more choices. It's football. That is the reason everybody likes it. We have a advantage at home and the most significant thing is that we are going to win.

With the arrival of Coquelin will come back to 4-4-2. What does your player add to the system? 

He is excellent, he recoups numerous balls and puts a ton of intensity in the midfield, with quality with the ball is a solid point in our team. He's going to need to play against Arsenal since he's his former group and he'll need to play to demonstrate his quality.

You need to complete well at the end of season. It is smarter to overlook the starting, that is the reason football is pleasant. We have four games left, perhaps five and we need to play them.

He is the player who has left the seat more occasions. You need to accept that you might want to be a starter on Thursday.

Like everybody, I envision. I obviously need to play this crucial match. It is an elimination round. There is weight yet it is an awesome match. At that point we'll check whether I play or not. Even if I enter 10 or 15 minutes I will help and endeavor to score goals.

He said when he signed for Valencia to win titles. At that point it seemed like an expression, winning titles was far away, presently they are a game away from playing two finals: the Cup and the Europa League.

So is. We have the last of the Cup and we can achieve another. However, right now we pondered the match on Thursday and to achieve this, we need to give everything.

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