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Top four race heats up

It's not just the Premier League title fight between Manchester City and Liverpool that is full of excitement. The dispute for a place in the next edition of the UEFA Champions League between Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United also draws much attention.

To stay inside all the details of this particular dispute, details the chances of each team and their commitments in the final stretch of the championship.

Tottenham are still in contention for the Champions League title, while Arsenal and Chelsea are in the Europa League semi-final and could secure a place in the continent's main club tournament without being via the Premier League.

It is also important to mention that if Tottenham and Arsenal or Chelsea win the European competition that do not compete in the English G-4, they will not qualify for the Champions League. That's because the same country can have a maximum of five representatives in the Champions League.

So far, only Manchester City and Liverpool are assured in the Champions 2019-2020.

Check the situation of each one below:

Tottenham (3rd, 70 points): 83% *
Everton (8th), home

Chelsea (4th, 68 points): 72% *
Watford (10th), home
Leicester City (9th), out

The Blues depend only on themselves, but they have nothing too simple stops, since their two opponents still have a chance to go to the Europa League. If Manchester City wins the English Cup - against just Watford - the seventh place in English will qualify for the continental tournament.

Arsenal (5th, 66 points): 37% *
Brighton (17th), home
Burnley (15th), out

The Gunners do not rely solely on their strengths, but have an accessible sequence, although the Brighton still battles against relegation and has to 'play the game' in the next round. Burnley will only table in the final round.

Manchester United (6th, 65 points): 8% *
Huddersfield Town (20th), away
Cardiff City (18th), home

The Red Devills will face the flashlight and have already downgraded Huddersfield and may face Cardiff in the final round with the Welsh no longer have mathematical possibilities to remain in the elite. On the other hand, the team, in addition to doing their part, needs a stumble from Arsenal and two from Chelsea. If the Blues lose one game and win the other, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team would still have to make a difference in their eight-goal goals.

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