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The Foolery of Ilaje (Host) Communities- NationNewsLead

The Foolery of Ilaje (Host) Communities
In every event, a disguised blessing is often embedded.

The recent fire outbreak of oil well facilities belonging to Chevron Nig Ltd (CNL) at Ojumole - Ikorigho axis of Ilaje Lga of Ondo State had exposed the oil & gas multinationals' avalanche of deceit, lies and outsmarting of the host communities for several years that, those facilities are nonfunctional.

The foolery of (Ilaje) host communities by CNL is at the immediate a secondary discuss, the primary discuss is the quenching of the inferno which had been on for weeks. CNL should not be scared to mobilize its fire combating team to these facilities, we are calm and justified by this inferno that those facilities are functioning as against CNL former claims.

The havoc the inferno had done to our economy, ecosystem, environment, livelihood, people and waters for these weeks is but enough. 
We would in due course address the secondary discuss.

Feyiwa Adeola
Ilaje-Ijaw Elite Youths

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