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Barcelona to go for Lacazette if Griezmann deal fails

El Barça, entre Griezmann y Lacazette

While playing the first half of Arsenal-Valencia, in which the English team overcame the initial goal of Diakhaby, A ntoine Griezmann tweeted a resounding "What a Lacazette player!" Which immediately retweeted his teammate and friend Samuel Umtiti. And is that his countryman has just scored his second goal of the night.

Griezmann, as everyone knows, is Barça's goal since last season. It was before 'The Decision' and it still is now. He has the profile and goal that Segura and Abidal are looking for. On July 1, its $ 200 million clause will go down to 120 and if the Atlético forward downgrades his record (23 million) to reasonable limits, the champion would seriously consider his contracting, avoiding the consequences of the previous rejection.

Antoine, as is logical, is not the only option. There are others and one of them, precisely, is Alexandre Lacazette (27). Arsenal bought it from Olympique Lyon in 2017 for 53 million. In this period he has scored 35 goals in 85 games. Play up, preferably in the center, but move and move well in the bands. Eric Abidal knows him perfectly. Moreover, he is very close to 'Laca' with whom he has even shared an agent, David Venditelli.

We are talking about a player valued at 65-70 million that, theoretically, could be lowered including players of the taste of the Arsenal of Emery. For example, André Gomes (with a good sign in the Emirates) and Umtiti, central that convinces Unai. Barca, in any case, only admits that Lacazette responds to the profile but does not recognize any negotiation. The Arsenal, which has taken Barça hundreds of millions with Overmars, Petit, Gio, Hleb, Cesc, Henry, Song, Vermaelen ..., goes further. But his position is hard. "We will not sell to Lacazette."

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