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AUD COIN the best coin ever

The AUD Coin is a well planned project and no one can stop it

What is the use of money?

Money is to be used in exchanging goods and services

Note that the prices of goods are factored by the inputs from the external. Example:
Human Labour
Time spent
And many others

When products are manufactured by robots (AI) then it will cut cost

And production will also increase

Time spent on production will reduce because robots will do a better and faster job than humans

Just recently i saw ATM depositing machine

I tried to do deposit and to my surprise it was 1000 times faster than going to the human cashier

More robots of such are been created to take over the human jobs and there is going to be more products manufactured in short time

Humans will not need to be doing robot's jobs anymore

As at now, a lot of human have been programmed like robots because all they know and do is what they have been thought to do from their schools

But that's not God's purpose of creating human

Humans are rational beings with the ability to imagine and innovate new things for the beauty of life

Life must be enjoyed not endure

Which money will you use in buying the beautiful things these robots will be creating?

AUD is intelligently designed­čśü

AUD Coin will later be the best Crypto Money so get yours now before it scarcity prevail globally.

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